DiCarlo Wins Conservative Line, Vows to Fight On


From Neil DiCarlo's campaign:

Neil Di Carlo trumped Senator Saland by 92 votes in the 41st district primary after absentee and write-in ballots were counted for the Republican and Conservative parties (unofficial BOE counts). Di Carlo and Senator Saland each won one line: Di Carlo won over 81% of conservative votes while Senator Saland, after alienating his base, won a Pyrrhic victory on the Republican line by only 1%.

... Di Carlo added, “Despite being outspent $700,000 to my $25,000 I have shown that integrity matters and that ideas and morals matters more than money. I have also exposed the Senator for what he is, a RINO. Governor Cuomo's and Mayor Bloomberg's recent endorsements of Senator Saland prove that they believe he is more of a progressive Democrat than the Democrat candidate!”

Di Carlo concluded, “I want to thank all my volunteers for bringing my campaign this far. Having won the majority of votes in the primary, I look forward to winning the general election in November and serving the people of the 41st with integrity as their State Senator.”