Marchione, Outspent 4-1, Expects Financial Advantage in November


The Daily Gazette:

About $850,000 was spent this summer by the campaign of Sen. Roy McDonald in what appears to be a losing effort to hold on to the Republican nomination for the 43rd Senate District.

According to the 10-day post primary filings with the state Board of Elections, McDonald spent more than $200,000 in the latest period, which is on top of $647,000 spent in the three other filings this summer. This total was four times what the winning campaign of Saratoga County Clerk Kathy Marchione spent. Her latest filing, which showed spending of about $60,000, brought her campaign's total slightly above $200,000.

... Heading into November, with both candidates appearing on the general election ballot, Marchione has $20,405.07 and McDonald has $25,155.17. It it likely, though, as the presumptive Republican nominee, Marchione will be able to refill her coffers faster than McDonald, who may not be able to count on money from same-sex marriage proponents in the general election, because that may go to Democratic candidate Robin Andrews, who is openly gay.

Marchione, meanwhile, has declared victory in the primary:

Surrounded by her family and supporters, Saratoga County Clerk Kathy Marchione declared victory in her Republican Senate primary against Roy McDonald.

“We did it!” Marchione said, flanked by officials in this suburban town that comprises her base. “The primary is over and we go forward unified, as far as I’m concerned.” -- Capital Confidential