City&State Declares Brian Brown a Winner!


In City&State's weekly round-up of winners and losers Brian Brown gets a nod:

Brian Brown – Kathy Marchione may have won her state Senate primary in upstate New York, but National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown won a larger battle – rendering LGBT rights groups incapable of claiming that no Republican legislator who voted yes on same-sex marriage has ever been defeated because of it. Initiatives against same-sex marriage in other states might not come about in exactly the same way – through floor votes in a Republican-led legislature – but the example of Roy McDonald will probably serve as a cautionary tale, making it that much harder for bills to pass in the short term.

Actually NOM has unseated numerous politicians before who have waffled on or betrayed marriage, but it's good to see that the media is taking note of our recent victories in New York.

You can vote for Brian Brown as a winner this week in City&State's poll here (scroll down).