The Blue State Exodus (Towards Pro-Marriage States)


General Mills recently claimed it endorsed same-sex marriage for economic reasons. Conn Carroll, senior editorial writer at the Examiner notes that Americans are fleeing blue states for states that have recently passed pro-marriage amendments:

Over the past ten years, millions of Americans have fled Democratic-leaning Blue states for Republican-leaning Red states, according to a new report from the Manhattan Institute.

The Great California Exodus: A Closer Look, focuses mainly on where and why California residents are fleeing the state, but using data from Census and the Internal Revenue Service, the study clearly documents that Americans are fleeing Democratic governance everywhere.

According to the data, California (+11 Democrat) lost 1.9 million citizens over the past ten years, while New York (+19 Democrat) lost 1.6 million, Illinois (+13 Democrat) 880,000, Michigan (+11 Democrat) lost 708,000, and New Jersey (+16 Democrat) 492,000. Meanwhile, Florida (+20 conservative) gained 1.3 million, Texas (+37 conservative) gained 781,000, North Carolina (+21 conservative) gained 714,000, Arizona (+29 conservative) gained 423,000, and Georgia (+25 conservative) gained 393,074.