Decision Time for Marriage Supporters


National Organization for Marriage

Marriage Supporter,

What would you do to raise $3 million to protect marriage from Barack Obama and his wealthy homosexual lobbyists?

A gracious pro-marriage supporter has just created an extremely generous matching grant fund to help NOM demonstrate your commitment to marriage as the unique union of one man and one woman.

Help Us Reach Our Goal Today

Here's how it works: If you donate right now, your contribution to protect marriage from Obama and his homosexual lobbyists will be tripled—that's right, NOM will receive an additional $2 for every $1 you contribute right now!

This match goes for every donation that comes in between now and the November election up to one million dollars—which means, with your help, we have the chance to raise THREE MILLION DOLLARS to protect marriage before the election!

Whether you can contribute $25—or even $2,500—whatever you give will be matched with an additional donation of twice that amount!

Marriage supporter, this is the game-changing break we've been waiting for in this election. With your immediate donation, just imagine how many more sellout, pro-homosexual marriage politicians NOM can defeat across the map.

This Million Dollar Match for Marriage will allow NOM to contact thousands more pro-marriage activists and key swing voters in targeted battleground states who will make the difference. And it will ensure that "one man and one woman" marriage is preserved in every state on the ballot this fall, from coast to coast.

These next five weeks are critical. If you sit on your hands today, it could soon be too late.

But marriage can win across the board if we take advantage of this game-changing opportunity—we just need ordinary, faith-filled Americans like you to stand up right now and provide the funds we need to get our message out.

Consider: young children will be taught in public schools that it's perfectly normal for men to marry other men. Religious non-profit organizations that uphold traditional values and work to support stronger families will be in jeopardy of losing their tax-exempt status. The majority of Americans who support the historic understanding of marriage will be treated in the law as bigots and racists.

Marriage supporter, this election is coming down to the definition of marriage in America, and now you have an excellent, one-shot opportunity to help protect it. Remember: every dollar you contribute right now will be TRIPLED. This is your unique chance to unleash the full power of your pro-marriage contribution.

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