Emergency Iowa Action Alert!


We have just three weeks in which to bring HJR 6 to the floor for a vote in the Iowa House. If we can get it to the floor, I am confident it will pass.

Unfortunately, the measure is being blocked by the House leadership, and will require a 2/3 majority to even bring it to the floor. Already, Iowa legislators are hearing from their constituents, and some are even canceling town hall meetings and other public events simply because they don't want to face voters angry about their unwillingness to stand for marriage.

Let's keep the pressure on!

We have identified a list of 33 Iowa House members whose support will be critical to our efforts to bring HJR 6 -- the Iowa Marriage Amendment -- to vote by the full House during the last two weeks of this year's legislative session.

These 33 legislators need to know how critical this issue is, not only to their own constituents, but also to the entire nation, as the Iowa decision will embolden and energize gay marriage activists all across the nation. The Court had it wrong -- "The traditional notion that children need a mother and a father" isn't "based more on stereotype than anything else." It's based in common sense, natural law, and the very essence of the way God designed the family structure. Marriage is about moms and dads -- raising their baby together.

But gay marriage activists are targeting these legislators, too. We have a short window of time to act before this year's session ends and need your help today.

1. Send an email to the 33 Iowa House members whose support is critical to the passage of HJR 6 this year. Time is short. Do it right now. Click here to send your message.

2. Forward this message to all of your friends and family, especially those who live in Iowa. If enough voters speak up, even the most stubborn politician will eventually pay attention. Let's make sure all our politicians get the message loud and clear -- spread the word today! Click here to forward this message to five friends.

Together we can send a message to the Iowa House of Representatives: Vote YES on HJR 6, and let the people vote to protect marriage!