Sen. Diaz to SSM Flip-Floppers: "You All Suffered a Big Loss"


New York Senator Ruben Diaz:

"...Senator Alesi, after seeing the polls and the writing on the wall, decided not to pursue re-election and dropped out of the Senate race. The reason is because of his vote in favor of gay marriage. He knew he’d get beaten up.

Senator Roy McDonald lost his primary because of his vote for gay marriage.

Senator Saland won the Republican Primary but suffered badly – an embarrassment for sure. He almost lost the Republican Primary because of his vote for gay marriage. Yes, he was defeated at the Conservative Primary.

Senator Grisanti won his Primary race, not by much, but he's still not out of the woods. He has to face a Conservative Party Candidate and a Democratic Party Candidate in the General Election and he may lose ... all because of his vote for gay marriage.

So no matter how you spin it, the facts are the facts: two out of four Senators who voted for gay marriage are out of commission."