Breaking News: WA Gov. Christine Gregoire Reveals Obama Hid His True Position on Marriage for Months [Updated]


Video has surfaced of Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire at a pro-Referendum 74 concert and fundraiser revealing that President Obama whispered to her back in February -- at least six weeks before his public coming out for gay marriage in May -- that he was "proud" of her signing a bill to redefine marriage, that "history will be on our side" and that "we will ensure equality in the United States."

At the same time and for weeks leading up to his public comments the president's administration continued to claim that his position on marriage had not changed.

I wonder what other politicians bent on redefining marriage have had secret support from the President.

I haven't seen other news outlets talking about this but hopefully this will generate some conversation:

Update -- Katrina Trinko of National Review blogs about this video admission here.

Update 2 -- Chris Geidner at BuzzFeed writes about this revelation as well.