Video: UK Christian B&B Owners Tell of Hateful Torrent of Messages


The UK Christian Institute:

The Christian owners of a bed and breakfast have spoken of the hate-filled messages they received in the wake of refusing to give a homosexual couple a double room.

Mike and Susanne Wilkinson say “hundreds of emails an hour” came in from around the world, as well as phone calls and texts – some which were “very sexually explicit”.

And they also told of messages threatening to ‘come and get them’.

Speaking to a national newspaper, Mr Wilkinson explained: “One was hand-delivered and handwritten in capitals and said ‘I am coming to burn your house down’ and then lots of filthy words about what they thought of us.”

He added: “It was very scary. And we’ve guests as well as children living here. People started cancelling the bookings. And that’s when we called the police.”

However the police, despite searching through thousands of messages, were unable to track down any of the senders.

SkyNews reports: