Heritage's Ed Meese: A Summer of Liberal Intolerance


Former Attorney General Edwin Meese of the Heritage Foundation ties events surrounding Chick-fil-A, the Regnerus study and the FRC shooting together and describes it as a "summer of liberal intolerance":

"As summer faded to fall, a Chicago alderman’s fury toward Chick-fil-A finally seemed to be cooling. But fall is fickle in the windy city, and Proco Joe Moreno once again is threatening to stall the chicken chain from opening in his ward.Moreno, Mayor Rahm (“Chicago Values”) Emanuel and other big-city officials piled on Chick-fil-A after Dan Cathy, the company’s president and COO, publicly supported the biblical definition of marriage. As they were soon reminded, though, for a public official to deny a business license because of the businessman’s marriage views would amount to unlawful discrimination against his viewpoints.

Sadly, controversies such as the one that Moreno’s overblown comments helped create grow more frequent, and Chick-fil-A is only the most visible target. Advocates for “tolerance” increasingly push traditional ideas on marriage, family, life and faith out of public life.

In June, sociologist Mark Regnerus at the University of Texas-Austin, became the target of a blogosphere blaze of character assassination.

... Groups across the political spectrum condemned the [FRC shooting]. Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank suggested more, though. He argued that the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center, among others, had been “reckless” in labeling the conservative council a “hate group”—and so implying the research and education organization is outside the pale of legitimate debate.

This summer, long lines of Chick-fil-A patrons similarly rebuked the intolerance of Chicago’s Moreno and Emanuel. The freedom to uphold “Chick-fil-A values” continues to draw wide support. The City of Broad Shoulders – indeed, every town in America – ought to have room for those values. They represent the very principles on which this nation was built. Surely even those who don’t celebrate them can tolerate them. --- LifeSiteNews