New Elway Poll Shows Reject R-74 Has Made Up 10 Point Deficit!


Pro Referendum-74 (gay marriage) activists have been on the airwaves for months. Our side went up on the air a little over a week ago and a new Elway poll suggests momentum is now moving our way -- the closer gay marriage comes to becoming a reality, the more people reject it:

BREAKING NEWS: new Elway poll shows that support for Referendum 74 has dropped from a 14 point advantage in September, to a 4 point advantage in October, 49-45. That is within the margin of error making it a statistical tie! As voter's learn the facts, support for same-sex "marriage" collapses. Keep spreading truth! -- Family Policy Institute of Washington

More than that, the Elway poll reports "Opposition to Referendum 74 has grown over the past month while support has stayed at virtually the same level since July."

Here is their graphic illustrating the lack of movement in support of same-sex marriage despite months of pro Referendum-74 ads:

Local Washington press is not reporting the results of this poll yet. The Seattle Times reported the other results from the same poll but fails to mention the momentum against Referndum-74.

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