Bill and Melinda Gates Gave $500K to Gay Marriage in Washington State


Proponents of gay marriage in Washington State are awash in big-check contributions from CEOs of corporations (nonetheless, gay marriage activists have failed to move the needle in their direction since July):

Washington United for Marriage (WUM),  a broad campaign coalition group for gay marriage announced today that it received a $500,000 donation from the Gates' couple.

WUM spokesperson state: ‘Bill and Melinda Gates made a second contribution to the Referendum 74 campaign because they support marriage equality and believe the law is good for Washington State.’

... Gates previously made a $100,000 contribution to WUM on 29 June 2012.

On Monday (22 October), New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg pledged $250,000 in matching donations to WUM.

Earlier this year, co-founder Jeff Bezos and his wife donated $2.5 million to WUM.

WUM has so far spent about $11 million on the campaign, while the anti-gay opposing campaign of Preserve Marriage Washington, only managed to raise $2 million. -- GayStarNews