Seven Former DFL State Senators Urge All Minnesotans to Vote Yes on Marriage Protection Amendment


A great showing of bipartisan support for the Marriage Protection Amendment.

Polls show consistently that more Democrats support the amendment than Republicans oppose it!

Today, seven former DFL state Senators released an open letter to the people of Minnesota urging them to support the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment. The letter was signed by Sen. Joe Bertram, Sen. Florian Chmielewski, Sen. Carl Kroening, Sen. Wayne Olhoft, Sen. Mike Menning, Sen. Jim Vickerman and Sen. Gene Waldorf.

“As former DFL state lawmakers, we want  to state our support for the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment, which the Minnesota legislature approved with bipartisan support and placed on the November 6th ballot,” stated the letter.

“Currently, there are efforts underway to redefine marriage without the say of the people. There is a lawsuit in Hennepin County District Court which is seeking to redefine marriage. And, there are legislators who are promising to repeal the current law and redefine marriage at the first opportunity.”

“We believe the people of Minnesota should have final say on the legal definition of this vital social and civic institution.”

“Clearly, protecting marriage is not a Republican issue or Democrat issue. It’s an important social issue that affects all of us,” said John Helmberger, Chairman of Minnesota for Marriage. “These legislators highlight the fact that traditional marriage, family and children are, and always have been, part of traditional DFL values.  We are working hard to get Democrats who believe marriage is between one man and one woman to VOTE YES on Amendment 1 to protect marriage on November 6th.” -- Minnesota For Marriage