PMW: Pro-Referendum 74 Attack Ad Distorts What Washington Newspapers Actually Wrote


Preserve Marriage Washington calls out our opponents for their latest misleading attack ad:

In their latest television ad, “Families,” the campaign to impose same-sex marriage shows footage from Preserve Marriage Washington’s first TV spot entitled “Not About Equality,” and suggests that multiple newspapers agree that PMW’s spot was not “telling the truth about Referendum 74.” That is inaccurate.

Referring to the PMW spot’s statement, “When laws like 74 have occurred elsewhere, people who disagree have faced lawsuits, fines and punishment,” the pro-gay marriage ad displays a graphic reading, “Attacks on Referendum 74,” as the announcer intones, “The Seattle Times calls their attacks ‘unfounded,’ The Everett Herald – ‘myths,’ and The Columbian – ‘simply baseless.’” The ad continues, “There’s just no evidence that allowing marriage for same-sex couples has produced a rash of lawsuits.” The ad falsely states, “The Walla-Walla Union Bulletin says marriage matters because domestic partnerships ‘fall short’ for Washington families.”

Proponents of gay marriage wrongly imply that the newspapers were criticizing a TV spot by Preserve Marriage Washington, even though all the newspaper quotes pre-date that commercial going on the air. The traditional marriage spot did not start to run until October 11. However, The Everett Herald quote is from October 3, The Columbian quote is from September 16, the Walla-Walla Union Bulletin quote is from September 13, and The Seattle Times quotes are from February 11—more than nine months ago.