PMW: Another Pro-Referendum 74 TV Ad Tells More Lies About Hospital Visitation Rights


Preserve Marriage Washington counters more untruths being pushed by our opponents:

In a recently released TV advertisement entitled “Angie,” lesbian couple Angie Buysee and Cynthia Per-Lee say that Buysee was in surgery and the nurse refused to tell Per-Lee what was happening “just because we weren’t married.”  The pro-Referendum 74 ad suggests that same-sex domestic partners do not currently have hospital visitation rights.  That is not true.  The ad repeats a false claim that was previously made in a television ad entitled “Chris,” which gay marriage activists aired last month, and which has already been discredited by both The Seattle Times and the Associated Press.  (Click here to read The Seattle Times’ story, “Truth Needle:  Gay-marriage ad fails to mention rights granted to domestic partners,” September 26, 2012.  And click here to read the Associated Press story which ran in the Tacoma News Tribune and numerous other newspapers:  “Campaign fact check:  Same-sex couples have visitation rights,” September 26, 2012.)

Calling the TV ad’s assertions “a bunch of baloney,” Preserve Marriage Washington Communications Director Chip White said, “This claim is an utter lie.  Under Washington state law, same-sex couples already have the same exact legal rights as married couples, including the right to be with each other in the hospital.  Approving R-74 would provide no additional rights to same-sex couples because they already have the same rights as married couples under the ‘Everything but Marriage’ domestic partners law from three years ago.”