One Week Left!


National Organization for Marriage

Marriage Supporter,

I've got good news and bad news.

First, the bad news: we now have less than a week to meet our critical election budget and we're still well short of our target.

Your support in these final days is critical to the success of our voter turnout efforts that will make the difference between winning or losing close races across the country.

Unless Christians, marriage supporters, and people of faith step up their donations right now, we will be greatly outspent in this final week by Obama's billion-dollar campaign apparatus, Hollywood celebrity pals, and rich gay "marriage" elites.

Unless our supporters immediately step up their pro-marriage contributions, we will not be able to fund our final get-out-the-vote push and voter contact effort that we have prepared for the critical swing states that will determine this election.

So will you contribute $50, $100, or more today, in order to help us close the gap to defend marriage in these critical days before the election?

Marriage Supporter, you need to stand with us today or "one man and one man" will be imposed on faithful Americans across the nation. It's that simple.

But I promised you good news, too—and here it is: thanks to a 2-for-1, million dollar matching grant challenge, we still have a chance to close this dangerous budget shortfall and spoil the election night celebrations that gay marriage lobbyists have been planning for months!

So please contribute $50, $100, or more right now—and every dollar you give for marriage will be tripled to maximize its effectiveness.

Let's use this one-shot opportunity to get every pro-marriage voter to the polls, and ruin the election night parties for Barack Obama and his gay marriage lobbyist pals!

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