Frank Schubert: "In Final Stretch, Social Issues Can Help Romney"


Frank Schubert, President of Mission Public Affairs and NOM's political director, writes in The Hill:

"With polls showing the presidential race to be dead even, Mitt Romney would do well to remind voters in key swing states of his position on social issues like marriage, life and religious liberty. They could tip the scale in this election.

The Karl Rove wing of the GOP and the Republican elite have succeeded in keeping social issues off the table in this general election, deeming them to be “divisive.” They’ve understandably focused their campaign on the Obama record, especially as it relates to the economy. But Obama also has a record on social issues, and that record puts him at odds with a large majority of voters in key swing states. Unfortunately, voters in those states haven’t heard much about the Obama record on marriage, life and religious liberty, and Romney himself hasn’t done much to make these issues a central part of his messaging. This is a key strategic mistake that he should remedy while he still has the chance.

Let’s look at the issue of preserving marriage as the union of one man and one woman. This issue has been on the ballot in 32 states – coast to coast, in red states and blue. It has won in all 32 states. Some of these are the very swing states that will decide the election this November. Florida passed their marriage amendment by 62 percent of the vote. North Carolina passed it with 61 percent support just this past May. Virginia passed theirs by 57 percent. And the critical state of Ohio? They passed their amendment by 62 percent of the vote. Iowa hasn’t had a chance to vote on a marriage amendment yet, but with about 55 percent of the vote they did throw three sitting Supreme Court justices off the court last election for redefining marriage there. Recent polls suggest they’re about to boot another one of the gay marriage justices..."