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Dear Marriage Supporter,

I know you're probably getting bombarded with emails this campaign season, so I'll make this brief.

You know that we've always been up against the media, Hollywood elites and a small but powerful cadre of billionaires who are all trying to push their gay marriage agenda on the country. And recently, corporate America has jumped in the fray, backing a same-sex marriage agenda that is simply bad for business.

But now, another monolith has joined them: Unions.

Please watch the story of Sarah Rowe and hear her tell, in her own words, how her union openly endorsed same-sex marriage and pressured its members to do likewise:

Here's just one quote from Sarah:

It was made known [by my union] that faith shouldn't be a part of the
discussion in the union meeting [which] made it more difficult for people
to voice their actual opinion.

Marriage Supporter, I can't adequately convey the wealth and power that is arrayed against us in this fight. I depend on ordinary Americans like you to support our work with sacrificial generosity. If you have the means to do so, could you please make a gift of $25, $50, $100 or even $500 to help NOM stop the relentless march of those trying to force same-sex marriage on the country?

Thank you.

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