150 Medical Professionals Urge Minnesotans to VOTE YES On Amendment 1


Another outpouring of support for the Marriage Protection Amendment in Minnesota:

Today, 150 medical professionals—the vast majority of whom are medical doctors—urged Minnesotans to VOTE YES on Amendment 1, the Marriage Protection Amendment because the state has a vital interest in supporting the best environment for the creation and care of children: a married mother and father. The medical professionals pointed to decades of social science research that shows children do best when reared by their two biological parents.

Their statement reads, “Children develop best when raised within marriage in a secure and recognized relationship to their mother and fathers. No child should ever be intentionally deprived of a mother or father without just cause. Public institutions best promote the welfare of children by affirming that marriage is a unique relationship of one man and one woman, and that marriage, as traditionally understood, is the optimal family setting for raising children.” -- Minnesota For Marriage