Las Vegas Newspaper: Judge Right to Respect Will of People on Marriage


The editors of the Las Vegas Nevada-Journal take the peoples' side on marriage:

"...Judge Jones has, in fact, just ruled to uphold not merely "the law," but the Nevada Constitution as recently amended by Nevada voters.

The U.S. Constitution - under which the action is brought - instructs that the several states must retain authority to establish different sets of laws best suited to their residents, whereupon Americans may "vote with their feet" by relocating to jurisdictions with legal codes that better suit them. Thomas Jefferson specifically warned that if the states ever became subsidiary jurisdictions of a uniform central authority, like the "Departments" of France, America would degenerate into a Bonapartist tyranny.

If planks of a constitution enacted by voters can be tossed out willy-nilly by a court determined to enforce what it thinks the law ought to be, then the people have a right to ask whether we have passed from a republic with government powers limited by being divided among the three branches and the several levels, into a dictatorship of the unelected bench.

If the state constitution is to be changed - even if we lament the slowness of the process - it should be left to the legislative branch and the wisdom of the people at the polls."