Gay Student Defends Task Force Member Critical of Homosexuality



"A student on Anoka-Hennepin's anti-bullying task force says those who were once bullied are now the bullies.

Alyssa Beddoe, 17, is a gay student selected to be on the district's 26-person anti-bullying task force. Beddoe is now defending another task force member, Bryan Lindquist, who has suggested homosexuality is a disorder to be overcome.

Critics say Lindquist is unfit to be on the task force and recently waged an unsuccessful attempt to oust him. They've also accused him of being part of a hate group, and included him in an analogy alongside the Ku Klux Klan.

Beddoe says the criticism is unfair.

She says it's critical that the task force include opposing views and that Lindquist should not be attacked for expressing his views.

In fact, Beddoe says she had an hour-long conversation with Lindquist after the last task force meeting and found him to be extremely gracious and kind. She says she appreciated Lindquist educating her in regard to Christianity and his views.

While she doesn't agree with Lindquist, she says he does not deserve the criticism he has received."