Costly Toll for Republicans Who Voted for Gay Marriage


Dear Marriage Supporter,

Thursday's headline in the New York Times hit the nail on the head:

"Costly Toll for Republicans Who Voted for Gay Marriage."

Saland Opponents

That was how America's paper of record reported Stephen Saland's concession last week that he had lost to his opponent, Terry Gipson. A key reason for Saland's loss was his being challenged by pro-marriage Conservative Party candidate Neil DiCarlo, who won 14 percent of the vote in the general election after very nearly having beaten Saland in the primary.

Of course, Governor Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg are both lamenting Saland's loss—probably not least because of all the money they'd spent trying to give the Senator political coverage for betraying his party and passing same-sex marriage against the will of the people of New York.

But we here at NOM PAC NY are celebrating this victory for conservative values and for the powerful message it sends to public officials, in the Empire State and nationwide: same-sex marriage is a losing issue!

We're going to keep working hard in New York so that the will of the people with regard to same-sex marriage is heard loud and clear in Albany—but we need your help! Will you please give $25, $50, or $100 today as a year-end gift to NOM PAC NY so that we can continue to speak truth to power on State Street?

Saland is the latest in a line of traitorous politicians whom NOM PAC NY has sent packing, including Jim Alesi, Roy McDonald, Carl Kruger, and Shirley Huntley, all of whom are now out of office and have been replaced by pro-marriage Senators.

NY Senators Sent Packing

And with your generous help, we'll keep the one lone turncoat Senator left in office, Mark Grisanti, on the ropes throughout this term, and keep reminding him that the voters have not forgotten his betrayal, and that his days in political office are numbered as long as we're on the job.

Our public servants need to know that they cannot flout the will of the people without consequences. New Yorkers must continue to stand as leaders for the rest of the country, especially in the wake of recent elections which saw three more states impose same-sex marriage.

The politicians and judges in those states who made the imposition of same-sex marriage possible need to be put on notice by the voters, and New York can continue to be the example of how it's done—starting today!

Will you stand up with NOM PAC NY today and show that you're not giving up the fight, sending the message to Albany and beyond that New Yorkers won't be bowled over and ignored by their public servants, and neither should any Americans allow themselves to be dictated to by a brazen elite? Please give whatever you can today so that we can continue shining as an example at this crucial time!

Thanks for all you have done, and for all you continue to do, for New York and for marriage! God bless you, and may you have a wonderful and peaceful holiday!