NEW VIDEO: Top 10 Marriage Victories of 2012!


National Organization for Marriage

2012 was an important year for marriage.

And while we were disappointed by some of the recent election outcomes, it's important to remember the many victories this past year brought in the fight to protect marriage.

NOM was integral to each of these victories—often initiating and leading them, and other times as the single largest donor in support of the winning cause.

Marriage is winning . . .

. . . with a marriage amendment passed in North Carolina and another on its way in Indiana;

. . . with outspoken support from each of the leading GOP Presidential candidates, and with a strong statement in the Republican Party platform;

. . . with five state Senators in New York who lost their jobs after betraying their constituents by legalizing gay marriage, despite massive financial support from Governor Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the gay marriage lobby;

. . . with corporations put on notice by the massive support behind NOM's Dump Starbucks campaign and the outpouring of encouragement on August 1st, Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day;

. . . with new, powerful, and compelling research by scholars like Mark Regnerus at the University of Texas, whose ground-breaking "New Family Structures Study" showed the major differences between young adults raised by same-sex parents and those raised by a married mom and dad;

. . . and with the United States Supreme Court deciding to hear appeals of cases on both the Proposition 8 and the Federal Defense of Marriage Act.

We have a great opportunity to continue winning historic victories for marriage in the new year, and we want you to be a part of it!

Please click here now to make a year-end contribution of $25, $50, $100, $500 or more to NOM and help us blaze a trail to new victories in 2013.

Marriage faces some enormous battles in the next year and NOM is getting ready to fight them . . . and WIN!

Please re-commit to the fight and stand with us in defense of marriage.

P. S. Gay marriage is NOT inevitable. The greatest danger the defenders of true marriage face is complacency and despair. We can WIN for marriage! We've done it before, time and again! The year ahead is critically important, and we need your help today to give marriage the defense it needs—the defense it deserves. Please watch our Top 10 Marriage Victories of 2012 video now, and prayerfully consider making a year-end contribution to help NOM bring about even more great wins in 2013!