Video: BBC News Coverage of PM Cameron's Unpopular "Divisive" SSM Push


From the YouTube description by the UK Coalition for Marriage:

Jeremy Paxman hosts a debate with Tim Montgomerie, of the Conservative Home blog, Anne McIntosh MP and the President of a local Conservative association.

Anne McIntosh warns redefining marriage is "very divisive", "ill thought-out" and could have unintended consequences.

Others interviewed by the programme also tell of the damaging effects of the same-sex marriage plans:

There is a particularly good exchange at 12:40 between a man in favor of redefined marriage and a woman in favor of protecting it:

Pro-SSM man: "For me marriage is an incredibly important institution, it doesn't just join two people together it joins the two, couples, loved ones, friends and family together as well. And I think it's right that such an important institution, an incredibly conservative institution doesn't exclude anyone in society and, actually, by introducing equal marriage we broaden and popularize an institution and make it more central to society."

Pro-marriage woman: "But men and women are different. As a one-time divorce lawyer I know that part of the reason that marriage has succeeded as well as it has was for the protection of women and children. And if you actually change the ground rules there are going to be some very confused people out there in the church, in the schools, in society at large..."

Moderator interrupts: "What are they confused about?"

Pro-marriage woman: "About what the implications are..."

Moderator interrupts again: "The commitment of two people..."

Pro- marriage woman: "But we've got that in civil partnerships already. So why is the need to change at this pace?"