Immediate Action Needed to Block SSM in Minnesota!


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Just over a month ago, same-sex marriage activists were falling all over themselves to promise voters that a vote against the marriage amendment would NOT bring same-sex marriage to the state. . . .

And now, just a few weeks later, those very same activists are pushing for same-sex marriage when the Minnesota Legislature reconvenes on January 8th. State Senator John Marty, now part of a new DFL majority in St. Paul, is planning to introduce a bill during the first week of the new session and is already predicting quick passage out of committee in both the House and Senate.

Please click here to send a message to your state lawmakers today. Let them know the people of Minnesota are watching, and will hold them accountable for their vote on marriage.

Send your Lawmakers a Message!

In November, Minnesotans voted to maintain the status quo on marriage, as Minnesota statutes already recognize marriage as the union of a husband and wife. Now gay marriage activists are trying to force a whole new battle on the state.

But the people of Minnesota know as well as you and I do what negative consequences would follow in the wake of same-sex marriage becoming law.

Activists know the American people—even those who support same-sex marriage—don't want to force religious groups to go against their beliefs. And yet everywhere same-sex marriage becomes law, it is people of faith who become the law's first targets.

Across the country, Catholic Charities is being forced to drop their adoption and foster care services wherever same-sex marriage is enacted. Reception halls, inns, and bed and breakfasts are being sued if they decline to host same-sex wedding ceremonies or receptions. And schools across the country are facing increasing pressures to teach elementary students about "Prince & Prince," or "Heather's Two Mommies."

Send your lawmakers a message: Don't Mess with Marriage!

Please use this link to email your state senator and representative today, urging them to reject same-sex marriage in the upcoming legislative session.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Success or failure may well hinge on the outpouring of opposition to this bill that politicians receive over the next couple of weeks. After you take action, PLEASE IMMEDIATELY FORWARD this email to all your friends and family in Minnesota, or use the social networking buttons below to post to Facebook or Twitter.

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Thank you.

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