More Republicans Condemn GOP Chair Brady's Support for SSM


Illinois GOP State Chairman Pat Brady is getting more and more push back for his choice to betray marriage and core Republican principles:

More conservative leaders within the Illinois Republican Party are voicing their dismay with party Chairman Pat Brady's phone calls to Republican senators urging them to vote in support of legalizing same sex marriage.

"You can put me on the record that I want Pat Brady to step down due to his actions of supporting Gay Marriage, which is against the Illinois Republican Party Platform," McLean County GOP Chairman John Parrot told IR. "How can he be a leader when he doesn’t any longer believe in what our Party stands for? I also question his position with his Church, which is outspoken against gay marriage. He has failed his belief of his Church’s teaching and he has failed his Party."

“Mr. Brady, I ask you on behalf of our Party and for all Conservatives within our Party and the Families of our Party, it’s time for your to resign as our leader," Parrott said Wednesday night.

Parrott is on the County Chairman’s Executive Committee, and serves as Party Chairman of McLean County Republican Party, (Bloomington/Normal). He also served on the 2012 IL GOP Platform Committee.

Karen Hayes, another platform committee member representing the 1st Congressional District in Worth Township, spoke out in defense of the 2012 platform:

... "Pat Brady needs to step down now.   Sadly, he has embarrassed himself and the Illinois Republican Party." (Illinois Review)

Please take a moment right now to call the Illinois Republican Party and demand the resignation of Pat Brady. Call them at (217) 525-0011. Let them know it is simply unacceptable to have a party chairman who so openly flauts values central to the party and its platform.