Gay Voices Against Gay Marriage: Xavier Bongibault


As we've written about before, there is a rising chorus of gay voices in France who are expressing opposition to President Hollande's proposal to legalize gay marriage.

Here is a third voice -- Xavier Bongibault.

As before, we offer an approximate English translation below, provided by one of our supporters:

Xavier Bongibault , I'm 21 years old, I'm a homosexual and a business manager.

Do all homosexuals think the same way?
People tell us that all homosexuals are for this proposed law, but that's an absolute lie! The majority of Homosexuals could care less about it and have the right like everybody else to have common sense

Most homosexuals make fun of this proposed law, because they had a mom and dad like everyone else. They want it to be that way for all kids.

The reasons for your opposition?
I think first and foremost we need to protect the child. In France, marriage and child-rearing are extremely tied together. To oppose this marriage [for all] is equivalent to opposing a drastic change in the nature of child-rearing. I'm involved for the protection of the child.

The other claims?
This proposed law is tied to the proposal to legalize gay adoption. But not so fast; it's necessary to take a closer look.  We have to keep in mind procreation that's medically assisted as we go into the debate among leadership in January. If we begin with the opening idea that "equality" is sacrosanct, consider this: If two women can have a child, thanks to science, then in the name of equality men must have this too, which brings us to gestation in someone else's womb. So it falls upon the minister for the rights of woman to step in and prohibit prostitution. It's scandalous that a woman would rent out her vagina, so how do we encourage women to rent out their uterus? It strains belief, it doesn't sit well in my head.

Marriage for all?
In no way is marriage an institution for love. If it were only love, then based on what do we refuse to recognize the marriage of three people deeply in love with each other? What about a father who loves his daughter? One allows that to suppress equality in the meaning of family, or in the meaning of a couple. So when one suppresses all the genetics of the child, one is then willing to destroy the familial circle, and therefore, to destroy the first venue for the socialization and social cohesion of the child.