Gay Voices Against Gay Marriage: Jean Marc


Here is a fourth voice -- Jean Marc -- a mayor who is yet another gay voice in France who opposes President Hollande's proposal to legalize gay marriage.

As before, we offer an approximate English translation below, done by one of supporters:

I’ve been living with a (guy) for 20 years. As well, I’m mayor of my village, here in Bergueil… Speaking of the planned law (for gay marriage), I have an unusual position. My view isn’t being heard in the media.

What to say about the LGBT movement?

The LGBT movement that speaks out in the media… Nobody voted for them. No homosexual voted them in. They don’t speak for me. They don’t speak in place of me.


What reasons for your opposition?

As a society we should not encouraging this. It’s not biologically natural. We (gays) do not have the fertility, in the sense of making a baby. We have plenty of other forms of fertility. Artistic, for example, and other forms of fertility. In my case, I feel I’ve connected with my village, and I’ve reinvigorated a village that was dying, fading. I know how to create ties within my community. In summary, the law I advise would be whatever’s best for the child. One must favor what is best for the child. Nobody can deny, I believe, that it’s best for a child to have a mother and a father who love each other as best they can.