Hundreds Rally to Protect Marriage in Rhode Island!


A police officer interviewed in this story pegged the crowd at 1,000 -- ABC 6's Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis sees this as a sign that the people of Rhode Island want to protect marriage:

Hundreds of opponents of same sex marriage rallied in the [Rhode Island] Statehouse rotunda, led by clergy members who say gay marriage is wrong.

Hundreds more lined up outside the Committee room, many hoping to testify.

Bilma Delcompare, an opponent of same sex marriage said, "Because God established a man and a woman, only."

Luis Hernandez, another opponent of gay marriage said, "It's should be definedĀ  man and woman. Man and woman."

At its peak, one police officer estimated the hall way crowd at one thousand people.

ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis said, "The large numbers of people who turned out here in opposition, are probably a strong indicator of why supporters of same gender marriage want to see this done by the General Assembly, and not by voters in a ballot initiative." (ABC 6)

Watch the ABC 6 video of the pro-marriage crowds:

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