"If Some People Can Oppose SSM for Reasons Other Than Hate, Bigotry and Small-Mindedness, Why Can’t Others?"


Glenn Stanton at First Things asks a provocative question:

"...As David Mills notes below, Wendell Berry has recently claimed that opponents of same-sex marriage are necessarily and categorically rejecting a whole class of people. He tells us this kind of “categorical condemnation is the hatred of the mob” and as such is the worst kind of hate.

... Reuters reported that “even homosexuals opposed to gay marriage [came] to protest” [at the Paris rally.]

John D’Emilio, noted professor of history and pioneer in the field of gay and lesbian studies has, as a gay man and leading LGBT theorist, been vocally opposed (shown here and more recently here) to the idea of working for the legalization of same-sex marriage. He contends it is contrary to queer ideals and unjust to gays in other types of relationships. D’Emilio and our French friends are not odd outliers. Here is another and another and another and a few more and one more leading gay voices that assert the passage of same-sex marriage can actually be discriminatory and limiting. Uhm.

If some people can oppose same-sex marriage for reasons other than hate, bigotry and small-mindedness, why can’t others?