Prime Minister Cameron Faces Tory "Disaster" and "Rebellion" Over SSM Vote


The UK Christian Institute:

David Cameron suffered a “disaster” tonight, as most of his Tory MPs failed to back his Bill to redefine marriage.

Early indications suggest that more Tory MPs voted against Mr Cameron than supported him.

Colin Hart of the Coalition for Marriage said: “This result is a disaster for David Cameron.

“Despite a personal plea from the PM his MPs have overwhelmingly rejected gay marriage. Mr Cameron must think again.

“The scale of the opposition against the Government’s profoundly undemocratic plans is astonishing, and sends a clear message to the Prime Minister that he faces a lengthy and damaging battle to redefine marriage.”

Colin Hart, Director of the Christian Institute, and Andrea Minichiello Williams, founder of Christian Concern, are to be commended for their amazing leadership in Britain! The UK Christian Institute points out that British papers are focusing on the strength of the "no" vote.

Even the New York Times was forced to acknowledge the unprecedented opposition to Cameron's plan:

"...Although 127 of the 303 Conservative lawmakers voted for the bill, 136 voted against, with 5 abstentions and 35 who registered no vote at all. Those voting against included two cabinet ministers, eight junior ministers and eight whips. The opening to the revolt came when party leaders decided to make the issue a so-called free vote, allowing lawmakers to break with their party without fear of disciplinary action.

... In modern times, however, few prime ministers have faced such an extensive rebellion in their own ranks, and the outcome seemed likely to add to the growing ferment among backbench Conservatives about Mr. Cameron’s leadership on a wide range of issues, including Britain’s shrinking defense budget and its increasingly uneasy ties with the European Union.

The bill will now be debated by the House of Lords where opposition is expected to be even stronger.