Sun Poll: David Cameron "Badly Damaged" by Gay Marriage


The UK Sun:

David Cameron has been badly damaged by the gay marriage row, a Sun poll reveals today.

The PM’s bid to project a trendy new image has alienated millions of voters, including Tories.
Both supporters AND opponents of same-sex nuptials say they see his party in a worse light than before.

And two-thirds believe the Conservatives are now a divided party, according to the exclusive YouGov poll.

Mr Cameron hoped extending gay rights would help shed the Tories’ “nasty party” image.

But the gamble has backfired with 134 of his MPs — over half — refusing to back him.

A senior party figure said last night: “He managed to win the vote but must now be wondering was it all worth it.”

...The top priority should be the economy, 56 per cent said, followed by immigration, the NHS and unemployment.

Only five per cent think gay rights is most important.