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Dear Marriage Supporter,

In just a few weeks, the Supreme Court will consider whether or not to impose gay marriage on the entire country. That's right — marriage in all 50 states hangs in the balance!

Nine Justices will soon rule on whether or not our core civil right to vote for God's vision of marriage will be upheld — and, in California, restored.

On March 26, the nine Justices meet to consider oral arguments in the Prop 8 case, as well as the Federal DOMA law. The bottom line issue for the Court is: do the voters of California (or nationwide) have the right to define marriage as the union of husband and wife? Or, will we be stripped of that right, and this time-tested, cross-cultural, common-sense and — yes, also Biblical — vision of marriage be redefined as just rank and ugly discrimination?

No Surprise: HRC Playing Dirty Tricks

This week, Human Rights Campaign (HRC) launched a multi-million dollar push, taking out full-page print media ads and buying up television time, trying to persuade Republicans (and the Republican-appointed Justices on the Court) that gay marriage is the new bi-partisan normal, featuring some Republican figures supposedly supporting same-sex marriage, including Laura Bush.

Her spokeswoman, however, just announced that Laura Bush "did not approve of her inclusion in this advertisement nor is she associated with the group that made the ad in any way. When [Mrs. Bush] became aware of the advertisement last night, we requested that the group remove her from it."

So, if you look up HRC's ads online now, you'll notice that the former First Lady's image has been removed. But they are still using another image you'll recognize: NOM's logo! — well, sort of — they have created a logo to look like NOM's well-recognized conjoined blue and red rings.

Because I designed NOM's logo personally, I find this to be an insulting mockery, as well as very ironic: you see, I created this image to reflect the difference between men and women symbolically. The red ring represents men and the blue represents, women. The intertwining of the rings is meant to show that marriage is the unique union of both a woman and a man coming together in committed love.

As for what it means for HRC, though, I can't imagine. Maybe, as with the former First Lady's views on marriage, HRC simply didn't bother looking into the background and meaning of an image before appropriating it as part of their latest misinformation campaign.

Isn't it amazing how images and and beauty often reveal the truth of things better than we can represent with our words alone?

Colorado Senator To Marriage Supporters: "Get Out Of Society"

Meanwhile in Colorado, Sen. Pat Steadman has done us a favor: he's ripped off the mask of tolerance and revealed the profound hatred for traditional religious believers that motivates too many in the gay marriage movement.

Watch this video. Hear in his voice how much tolerance you and your kids and grandkids can expect, if we fall silent and let gay marriage advocates reign unopposed:

"You can have all the free exercise there that you want. Exercise it as you see fit. But, don't let your free exercise run my life. Don't claim religion as a reason the law should discriminate," Steadman says.

His rant goes on: "So, what to say to those who claim that religion requires them to discriminate? I'll tell you what I'd say: ‘Get thee to a nunnery!' And live there then. Go live a monastic life away from modern society, away from people you can't see as equals to yourself."

Marriage Is On The March!

Steadman's rant is chilling to watch, but I'm happy this week to announce good news: Marriage supporters are not taking this lying down. Marriage is on the march!

More and more people and organizations are recognizing: now is the time to speak or be forever forced to hold your peace!

My profound gratitude goes towards the new members of the March for Marriage coalition: Family Research Council; Human Life International; the 500,000 strong Manhattan Declaration; CatholicVote; the American Principles Project; ActRight; Concerned Women for America; C-FAM; as well as The Ruth Institute and NOM-Rhode Island.

Just last week in Puerto Rico, ordinary citizens came together to stand together and strong for marriage:

Next month, it's our time to march, in our nation's capital.

No one has ever organized a national march for marriage before in this country.

The first March for Life was founded by Nellie Gray and held on January 22, 1974, on the steps of the Capitol, after the Supreme Court overturned the law protecting unborn life, stripped voters of their rights to pass such laws, and unilaterally imposed abortion on all 50 states.

Nellie Grey began small, with an estimated 20,000 supporters in attendance — but the March for Life has grown to hundreds of thousands of people each year, for every year that it is necessary to stand for life.

We are especially grateful to Human Life International for recognizing that pro-marriage is prolife. A government whose courts trample on the rights of citizens to stand up for the institution of marriage and the family is trampling on our most sacred rights.

This year, you have a chance to be part of history — because we are not waiting for the Supreme Court to trample on marriage or our rights to vote for marriage before taking action!

Now is our time to make history happen!

The March For Marriage

On March 26th, the March for Marriage day will begin at 8:30am, when you and I will gather on the National Mall, together with thousands of other decent, loving, law-abiding citizens who care about marriage.

At 9:30am, together we will link arms and march to the Supreme Court before returning to the National Mall for our program.

From 11:00am — 1:00pm, the March for Marriage Rally will be held at our gathering space on the Mall.

Confirmed speakers so far (besides me!) include: Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, Bishop George McKinney of the Church of God in Christ, Jennifer Roback Morse, Rev. Bill Owens Sr. — but more great pro-marriage voices will be coming on board. It will be a great program!

We are constantly updating the exciting turns of this new March for Marriage. The best way you can follow these updates as they unfold is on our March Facebook page!

Talking Points Flier Map and Schedule

Please consider downloading and sharing this route map and updated schedule of events for the day; our talking points which you can share with fellow marchers, as well as with state and local pro-family organizations; and our our one-page flier explaining the urgency of the March for Marriage and highlighting our cosponsors, which you can download, print out, and share with friends, family, your pastor or other clergy, and other congregants and parishioners.

Also, If you'd like to learn more about the march, become a leader or a group of fellow pro-marriage citizens to come to D.C. for the day's events, or volunteer to help out in any way you can, please contact our March team right away at: [email protected].

I can't wait to hear from you!

The Marriage Pledge

Finally, I am pleased to announce that, through a generous pro-marriage donor, we have a $500K matching challenge to help prepare for the March for Marriage and our various other efforts to protect marriage.

If you cannot be at the March for Marriage this March 26th — or if you can, you want to do even more for marriage — you can help by financing a fellow-marcher in the March for Marriage (along with NOM's other work):

$10 today could make a difference for the rest of U.S. history! Through the magic of matching, your $10 will become $20 for marriage. If God has blessed you and in your prayers you've become persuaded that He wants you to do more at this crucial moment in history, $100 becomes $200, and $500 becomes $1000 for marriage!

That's not really my final request, of course. Because there is one crucial thing you can do right now, regardless of your means: you can pray for me, personally, and for my family. You can pray for Tony Perkins and other leaders of the marriage movement. You can pray that God will un-harden the hearts of the Supreme Court this March 26th and 27th as they listen to the argument on marriage.

You can pray for all the brave people — black, white, Asian and Hispanic, young and old, male and female — coming to D.C. this March to change history and March for Marriage!

And please, please pray for Prof. Robert Lopez, who just travelled to the Minnesota legislature to testify to his own experience of what it was like to grow up fatherless, after his father left and his mother partnered with another lesbian.

He loved both his mothers: "I considered my mother's partner a true mother to me. She was kind and forgiving to me. . . .there's a tension because one of the parents is the biological parent and the other is the legal parent, it's confusing for the child, and it's not a small confusion, it's actually very difficult. . . . . I'm grateful for what I got from being raised in such a colorful home. But I could not be true to myself. . . if I did anything to encourage other children to be placed in such homes. . . our house was full of unclosed scars. I had no father and this crushed my soul."

You can watch his testimony here.

Bless you for all the amazing things you've made possible. Together, let's pray that this country, under God, will have a new birth in freedom, a re-dedication to the American principles that made this the greatest and most God-blessed country on this earth.

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