Victory: GOP Move to Oust Pro-Gay Marriage Pat Brady!


National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

You spoke and the Republican party listened.

When Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady announced that he was abandoning the GOP platform and endorsing same-sex marriage, NOM and others immediately called for his resignation.

This week the news broke that seven Illinois GOP committee members have successfully called a special meeting on March 7 to oust Chairman Brady.

Please thank these seven men and women who have taken a stand for principle and values and encourage the remaining committee members to do the same!

Brady is already feeling the heat. Just a couple days ago he was forced to cancel a major fundraiser that was expected to bring in $250,000 and he has admitted that the controversy over his betrayal has hurt Illinois GOP operations.

Across the country, gay marriage advocates are falsely claiming that the Republican party supports gay marriage. Why are they doing so? Because they've learned they can only score victories when they divide us. They know that if they don't crack the GOP's united defense of marriage, gay marriage will never make it out of the deep blue states where it currently has a tenuous foothold.

Even in Illinois, a Democrat-run state, gay marriage only makes progress when Republicans abandon principle and go along with far-left policy.

That's why it's so important we send a message by ousting Chairman Pat Brady, because it will teach a lesson to every Republican who flirts with abandoning marriage: we, your voting constituents, will not stand for abandoning principle!

Pat Brady claimed that he chose to come out in support of gay marriage to attract young voters. But the latest polling shows only 37% of young Republicans say they support gay marriage, and how many more young conservatives probably support true marriage but are intimidated by their liberal college environment and peer pressure into hiding their pro-marriage views?

That's why we need politicians who will courageously stand for principle and stand up for what is right — not abandon principle at the first sign of trouble or confusion!

That's why I'm asking you to take this action today by supporting those calling for Brady's removal. We need to send a message to politicians and the next generation: we will remain vigilant in the fight to protect marriage!

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