Brian Brown: Laura Bush and The Lie of Inevitability


Our President, Brian Brown, has an op-ed in the Christian Post explaining what is really behind the new effort to confuse Americans into thinking the GOP has given up the fight to protect marriage:

"...the hotshot legal team of Ted Olson and David Boies (who just inked a contract for an exclusive book deal for an undisclosed sum of money) have brought the issue of gay marriage to the Supreme Court against the counsel and consensus of other gay marriage advocates who (rightfully) believe the Supreme Court will not go along with their absurd claim that there is a constitutional right to redefine marriage.

The truth is marriage is a winning issue for Republicans, so long as they ignore the lie of inevitability shouted by gay marriage advocates and echoed by the media. Republicans must fight for the goodness of marriage and the decency of Americans who have voted (and will yet vote) to protect it.

There are new things afoot in the movement to protect marriage. On March 26, the day the Supreme Court hears arguments in the Proposition 8 case, the National Organization for Marriage is organizing a March for Marriage in Washington D.C., alongside a coalition of over twenty pro-family, African-American, Latino and other groups.
Across the country, new coalitions and new friendships are being formed among those who are more determined than ever to protect the greatest gift we can give society and the next generation: the loving marriage of one man and one woman."