URGENT: Help Struggling Churches March For Marriage!


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National Organization for Marriage

National Organization for Marriage

2013 March for Marriage
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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Great news: The preparations for the March for Marriage are going incredibly well!

In fact, the requests we've received from spiritual leaders has been overwhelming. We have received requests from churches for 100 buses that we don't have the funds to assist. That's thousands — many of them from Latino and African-American communities — who want to attend the march but are having trouble pulling together the necessary funds.

That's why I'm making this emergency appeal on behalf of these excited pro-marriage people who want to attend the March.

Please click here to make a confidential, tax-deductible donation right away to help us subsidize 100 buses to bring marchers to Washington DC so they can make their voices heard in front of the Supreme Court and on the National Mall!

Each full bus will bring over 50 people and require a subsidy of around $1,000. That means:

Your gift today of $20 will bring another marcher to Washington DC from out of town.

Your gift of $40 will bring 2 additional marriage supporters to the march.

Your gift of $100 will bring 5 additional marriage supporters to the march.

And a gift of $500 will cover half the costs of an entire bus!

I know that some of you reading this email can give a lot more than that. Please realize that for every $1,000 you donate today, you will be responsible for bringing an entire bus full of marriage supporters and activists to the march at the Supreme Court on March 26th so they can make their voices heard loud and clear at the exact time the most important court case of our generation is under consideration.

Just because someone is not blessed with the means doesn't mean they shouldn't have a voice just like everyone else.

So please make a generous, tax-deductible donation today to help make the March for Marriage an unequivocal success!

We need to send the strongest message possible to the political, academic and media elites of our great nation: marriage is between one man and one woman because children deserve a mother and a father!

At this moment, marriage needs courageous and self-sacrificing heroes to stand up and defend it. Please give as generously as possible to help NOM give eager and willing marriage supporters in America like you the chance to make their voices heard so their values can be respected. Thank you.

The National Organization for Marriage Education Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization, gifts to which are deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes.