Examples of Excellent Testimony Against SSM in Minnesota


Minnesota for Marriage has been showcasing some of the best examples of testimony given today in opposition to the bill to redefine marriage -- read for yourself:

Grace (age 11) testified in the House Civil Law hearing today. She asked the Committee: "Which parent don't I need, my mom or my dad?"

The committee had no answer for her.


Doug (gay man): "marriage isn't about love, commitment and responsibility--it's about kids. Ignore the media push and adult demands for same-sex marriage."

"It's not homophobic to oppose same-sex marriage!"

"MN legislators, passing this bill says your wife or husband is not important in the raising of your children!"


Prof. Robert Lopez (humanities scholar, bisexual man):

"Couples deserve to have love recognized, but I know as a child raised by my lesbian mother and her partner that there is something missing when a child is raised by 2 same-sex parents."

"We've heard a lot from same-sex marriage activists who feel they’ve earned property rights to children, but we haven’t heard enough from children’s rights advocates in a full debate."