Major Upset Brewing...


National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

There's an upset brewing in Springfield. Even the media is taking notice.

Here's the headline from the Chicago Tribune: "Speaker Madigan says gay marriage bill 12 votes shy in the Illinois House."

How things change when voters stand up for what they believe.

Less than three months ago, same-sex marriage supporters were claiming passage was a question of "when, not if." Today, thanks to your efforts, and those of thousands of your fellow Illinoisans, same-sex marriage is on the ropes, with supporters stuck at 48 votes out of the 60 needed for passage in the Illinois House. The stories of sacrifices that people have made to stand for marriage are overwhelming.

But this is a dangerous moment . . . gay marriage activists are desperate, and willing to do just about anything to sway the votes they need. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and even President Obama himself, are calling in favors in an effort to push the bill through.
The House is back in session until Friday before taking a two-week recess. These next few week are critical as legislators return to their districts.

Please keep the momentum up with a message to your state representative today. Remind them that their constituents are watching, and that we expect them to stand firmly against same-sex marriage.

Click here to give them the backing they need to stand strong against the back-room, closed-door, old-school political special interest machine!

In addition, I NEED you to forward this email to your family and friends in Illinois, and encourage THEM to take action as well. If it's easier for you, use the buttons below to share this message on Facebook and Twitter. Or pick up the phone and call them so they can take action right away.

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Finally, I urge you to take some time during the upcoming recess to make a phone call or even request a personal meeting with your state representative. There's nothing like personal contact when it comes to communicating the importance of marriage for connecting children to a mom and a dad.

Victory is on the horizon, but only with your help today!

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