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Dear Marriage Supporter,

We march tomorrow! I look forward to being able to stand with you in this historic demonstration. Thank you so much for your dedication to marriage.

Please be sure to double-check for a copy of our map and schedule to bring along with you tomorrow to DC.

As you may know, just yesterday approximately 1.4 million French citizens marched in Paris to demonstrate their support for marriage as the union of one man and one woman — the SECOND time this year that more than one million people have gathered to stand for marriage in Paris!

What you may not know, is that NOM's marriage march video was shown to the crowds there, and that one of our speakers — Professor Robert Oscar Lopez — was on hand to tell the French marriage heroes about our own upcoming March. Here's what one of the attendees in Paris, a French-American woman, emailed us last night to say:

This pro-marriage movement is growing slowly but surely with people involved, from various ways of life, political backgrounds and associations. The special TGV train reserved for the event, from the cities of Toulon and Marseille, was sold out (1200 seats). Many large families were able to go thanks to donations made by families living much nearer to the capital.

We stood massed along the avenue de la Grande Armée, as well as several other adjacent avenues for nearly three hours....

I was in tears to see the witnessing of one of my American compatriots, the last speaker [Prof. Lopez] who announced the upcoming Marriage March in Washington on March 26th, and the short announcement film for the march was seen by over a million French! The applause and cheering was astounding!

I hope this makes you as excited for tomorrow as it makes me. And it might help to watch our March video again, too:

I can't wait until tomorrow to be a part of this growing international movement to defend marriage. And I can't wait for you to join us!

See you at the March!

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