GOP Flip-Floppers Silent On Religious Freedom, Other Implicating Questions


Breitbart News sent the questions below on non-discrimination ordinances to the four Republicans in Congress who have flip-flopped on marriage.

They have yet to receive a response from their offices.

That's because these Republicans are in the process of learning that a) their new position is hugely unpopular with their base and b) betraying marriage isn't the end of the pressure they will receive from far-left activists -- it's only the beginning:

  • Should business within the wedding/marriage industry be protected from lawsuits resulting from a refusal to service same-sex couples at wedding halls, photography services, catering, etc..?
  • Should Catholic adoption agencies be forced to include same sex couples when a baby is up for adoption?
  • Should Christian marriage therapists lose their jobs or licenses b/c they refuse to see same sex couples ?
  • Should children in public schools be mandated to learn about homosexuality, when the parents do not think it is appropriate to be taught?'
  • Where does the member stand on the Employment Non-discrimination Act (ENDA)?