ADF Attorney: Gay-Marriage Advocates are Not Politically Powerless


Kellie Fiedorek is litigation counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom. She writes in the Washington Examiner against the claim made by gay marriage advocates that they are "politically powerless" and therefore need the courts to strike down laws protecting marriage:

In their recently filed brief before the U.S. Supreme Court, advocates for redefining marriage argued that "gay men and lesbians are a suspect class" and thus need special judicial protection of the "politically powerless."

But making claims to be a minority in need of special judicial protection while simultaneously enjoying the patronage of some of our country's most powerful people, corporations and political entities is disingenuous.

...Unlike African-Americans, who struggled for full recognition and participation in society, homosexual activists and their goals are lionized by practically every powerful cultural institution and center of wealth in America today.

Their political and social war chest -- which includes the backing of Fortune 500 companies and other well-known businesses, politicians and celebrities -- is a far cry from the batons, fire hoses and tear gas that black Americans faced.