Man Sentenced in Connecticut Intimidation Case


A gay activist who admitted to sending hundreds of threatening letters, including death threats, to the head of the Family Institute of Connecticut, has been sentenced to five years probation. reports that the man "pleaded guilty last August to sending the threatening letters."

The story goes on to reveal a touching detail:

Sentencing guidelines called for up to 16 months of jail time, but Lawrence Taffner, the Family Institute’s operations director, wrote a letter to Judge Ellen Bree Burns asking her to “temper justice with mercy and prayer.” [...]

Peter Wolfgang [who had been the recipient of the threats] ... told the local Journal Inquirer after court Tuesday that he agreed “with every word” of Lawrence Taffner’s letter, “including mercy.”

"I do forgive Mr. Sarno," Wolfgang told the paper.

Bravo to Peter for his generosity of spirit! But we should also remember, as Peter reminded the reporters he spoke to, that this case represents and highlights "a growing campaign of intimidation" on the part of same-sex marriage activists. This fact needs to be recognized and reported more widely.