Minnesotans Divided over Marriage Redefinition


After a contentious battle to defeat a ballot initiative that would have enshrined man-woman marriage in Minnesota State law last November, same-sex marriage activists are now pushing the Minnesota legislature to redefine marriage – even though they claimed repeatedly that this wouldn’t happen!

But the  Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party-sponsored initiative has very little support in rural areas, where that party might need it most. Minnesota Daily reports:

A Star Tribune poll in February found 38 percent of Minnesotans support the measure.

Autumn Leva, spokeswoman for Minnesota for Marriage, said those percentages decrease further away from the metro area.

The Star Tribune poll found 57 percent of people in Hennepin and Ramsey counties support same-sex marriage while only 19 percent said the same in outstate Minnesota.

Greater Minnesota is “very, very much opposed to the metro area’s attempt to force gay marriage on the rest of the state,” she said.

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