“World’s Most Perfect Argument” for Redefining Marriage?


A viral photo on the social network Reddit is gaining attention in the media.

The letter shows a two paragraph essay written by a fourth-grader in favor of marriage redefinition. The letter begins:

Why gay people should be able to get married is you can’t stop two adult’s from getting married because there grown and it doesn’t matter if it creeps you out just get over it.

Now, of course, we’re not interested in arguing with a fourth-grader. But what does interest us is the assessment given to the letter by journalist Katie McDonough. She called it the “world’s most perfect argument in support of marriage equality”!

McDonough highlights especially the child’s advice that those who stand for marriage between one man and one woman, that they should “just get over it.”

Proof again that the activists pushing same-sex marriage aren’t interested in reasoned debate and argument: just silencing the other side. A tactic fitting maybe for a schoolyard, but not the public square.