Help push us across the finish line!!! Last chance to take the Marriage Challenge!!!


As we quickly come to the close of 2010, we are within reach of our $1 Million Marriage Challenge goal, thanks to very generous pledges we received yesterday. By midnight tonight, we still need to raise $161,000 to fully match the Million Dollar Marriage Challenge grant.

Just think what we can do together. If we each gave just $5, we would easily reach our goal. If we each gave $10, we would break all our fundraising records and set the stage for unprecedented successes in 2011. Click here to take the marriage challenge and make your gift today!

What can 5 dollars do?

  • Buy a hamburger and fries at a fast food restaurant;
  • Buy a gallon and a half of gas;
  • Pay a fine on overdue movies or library books;


  • Protect marriage in 2011, ensuring that you receive all the latest marriage news and information, defend Proposition 8, identify new grassroots marriage supporters, and take the case for marriage to state legislatures across the country!

While it’s been a tough year for many, and there are many worthy organizations asking for your support this time of year, virtually all of us can afford $5 to protect marriage –most of us could afford a gift of $20, and many even $50 or more.

Whatever you can give, I’m asking each of us to step forward and join with NOM as we press forward into 2011. NOM isn’t backed by a handful of rich gay billionaires like some of our opponents are, but by tens of thousands of ordinary Americans standing together to protect marriage. And the only way we will succeed is if we all stand together. By ourselves, we can only do so much, but together with tens of thousands of our fellow Americans committed to marriage, our gifts will make a mighty impact in the coming year.

The coming year is a year filled with unprecedented opportunities, and your gift today is critical as we set out to turn those opportunities into lasting victories for marriage.

Grateful to you for standing with us in support of marriage, and wishing a Happy New Year to you and yours!