PM Cameron Urged to Ditch SSM After Election Drubbing Caused By It


After an election which saw the UK Independence Party go from 7 seats to 147, most at the expense of the Conservative Party, PM David Cameron is being urged to ditch his advocacy of redefining marriage:

David CameronHe was warned that if he did not take urgent action to protect traditional Tory values, members of his own party would desert him for Nigel Farage.

Sir Gerald Howarth, a former defence minister, said his constituents were "fed up to the back teeth" because the Government failed to deliver on promises.

He challenged Mr Cameron to adopt a plan which includes scrapping the gay marriage Bill, freezing the overseas aid budget, opting out of the European Convention on Human Rights, cutting immigration and holding a prompt EU referendum, The Times reported.

... Peter Bone, the Wellingborough MP, said Mr Cameron should halt the gay marriage Bill, currently going through Parliament, and cut overseas aid. "Those are things that Conservatives want and that's what Ukip voters want."