You Won’t Believe What They Called You


National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Name-calling is wrong. Don't stereotype and make unfair generalizations. It's bad to single people out for mockery and stigmatization.

These are all values that Hollywood liberals claim to hold.

Unless, that is, you support marriage. Then, apparently, all bets are off.

You're not going to believe what I'm about to tell you, but if you already know of the incredible hypocrisy in Hollywood please make a donation right now to help NOM counteract their hateful and destructive propaganda aimed at defenders of marriage like us.

Thanks to a generous donor, your gift today will be matched dollar-for-dollar, DOUBLING the impact it will have in the fight to defend marriage.

This week a NOM supporter sent me a mock Public Service Announcement video narrated by George Takei (of the original Star Trek television series) and featuring two gay actors, Jesse Tyler Ferguson of ABC's Modern Family and Brad Goreski, who has a new show on Bravo. The video was produced to promote an organization which gives money to gay marriage initiatives.

Here's how Takei's narration begins as he describes an actor, "Dale," who represents a "typical" supporter of traditional marriage:

There is one person living on this street whose orientation threatens to destroy society... What you can't tell about Dale is that he's sick. He opposes marriage equality. Dale looks normal, but he gives off clues of his prejudice with buzzwords like "pro-family", "traditional marriage" or...

I'm not able to finish this quotation because it includes an offensive reference to oral sex.

The video goes on to say that "Dale would let any two idiots marry, unless those two idiots are gay." In the video, Dale is seen shouting at and arguing with his wife, and Takei points out he's been divorced twice. Takei says his current wife is unhappy being married to Dale and shows Dale having a drinking problem.

The video keeps up in this vein for a couple more minutes before concluding:

The most important thing to remember when dealing with people who don't support marriage equality is to be kind. They're most likely hiding their own homosexuality [Editor's Note: Dale pinches a man's butt as this line is delivered] ... besides these people don't know they're being a**holes.

In other words, Dale is a sick, bigoted, ignorant, drunken, hypocritical, fill-in-the-blank.

But you see, the producers of this video want your friends, family and the rest of society to believe that you are Dale.

This video is unbridled hatred and bigotry towards people like you and me who believe in marriage. Some gay marriage activists clearly believe their own propaganda that gay marriage is inevitable, and now they are no longer attempting to hide their loathing and hatred of good people like you and me who simply believe marriage is the unique and special union of husband and wife.

If you are outraged as I am over this video please help counteract its desired effect by taking a stand for marriage by donating $35, $50, $100 or $500 to NOM today to support our efforts to protect marriage and good people like you who believe in marriage.

This video is already making the rounds and has been promoted by the popular website BuzzFeed. And the three actors involved aren't nobodies—one is a well-known actor on an ABC primetime sitcom, the second has his own show on Bravo, and the third appeared in the original Star Trek series.

We can't afford to let this kind of overt prejudice and bigotry against good people who believe in marriage become mainstream!

Please give your most generous gift today to support NOM's essential mission to protect marriage in law and society and to stand up for the dignity and rights of the good people who believe in marriage as it has always been defined.

Thank you and God bless you in this good fight.

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