Please Help Us Save Marriage in Illinois - And Across America


National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

For months and months, NOM has been fighting hard to protect marriage in Illinois.

That's why, with less than ten days left to go in the legislative session, gay activists are still scrambling to twist arms and strike backroom deals in Springfield.

Your emergency gift of $35, $75 or $150 could make the difference by helping stop gay marriage in Illinois — the last state that will debate marriage before the Supreme Court hands down its ruling later next month.

Yes, even in this deep blue state where Democrats hold a supermajority and the governor is pushing for gay marriage, we've managed to stop them in their tracks — at least, so far.

Scoring a victory...will force politicians and the media to take notice. Please take action and contact your lawmaker urging them to vote NO on gay marriage.

NOM has joined forces with the African American Clergy Coalition and other allies on the ground, investing upwards of $125,000 to support a variety of activities including calling the constituents of wavering Representatives, alerting the citizens of Illinois to the threat to marriage in their state, and helping them take action to protect marriage.

We are achieving results, but we have so much more to do.

Supporter, it's make-or-break time in the Land of Lincoln!

Please make an emergency donation to NOM's efforts to protect marriage. $35, $75, $150 — whatever you can spare. Every gift matters — your gift matters!

And if you haven't already contacted your friends and family in Illinois and urged them to email and call their state representative in Springfield, please do so right away — before you close this email. Please forward this to everyone in your contact list you know cares about the defense of marriage.

Thank you — now is the time for action!

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