Looking Ahead: Supreme Court to Issue Rulings Next Month on Prop 8/DOMA


Our Communications Director Thomas Peters is mentioned in this NBC News report on what to expect from the Supreme Court next month:

78433716The Supreme Court could issue a ruling on same-sex marriage as early as this Tuesday.

Whether the justices deliver a narrow ruling, a broad one - or none at all - they are unlikely to have the final word on this issue.

While the Supreme Court has been weighing two same-sex marriage cases that could become legal landmarks, the fiery national debate has shown no signs of dying down.

... A dozen states currently recognize same-sex unions, but 30 states have banned it.

Opponents of same-sex marriage believe time and numbers are on their side.

"We just want to make sure the Supreme Court doesn't cut the conversation short by issuing a sweeping ruling. We saw them do that before with the issue of abortion that didn't settle anything. Americans are fully capable of coming to their own conclusions and deciding marriage laws for themselves," Thomas Peters of National Organization for Marriage.

Here is the video: