If Gay Marriage Is Inevitable ...



Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse asks, if gay marriage is so inevitable, why is its progress always made possible by political favors, etc?

"...When I was in Springfield testifying before a committee in February, I witnessed the lobbying being done by the advocates for redefining marriage. Individual legislators who had not committed one way or the other on the issue were marched one by one into Speaker Madigan's office. We can only guess what was being said in these meetings. But not too many votes changed. At least, not enough votes changed to make a difference.

The "gay marriage is inevitable" mantra seems to mean one thing: rich people of both parties in America have decided that they want gay marriage. They expect that their money will buy them the influence they need to get it done." (Christian Post)

If you live in Illinois and your state representative in Springfield has not heard from you yet, please pick up the phone.